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The bithub platform has been designed with businesses in mind. We offer you another way to get the message out to your customers so that you focus on what you do best!

Last month over 10 billion texts were sent in the UK alone. People are comfortable sending and receiving texts. Make sure your message is one of them.

Once you register with us you can create keywords for your company. Put these keywords where your customers will see them. When the customers respond you get a chance to fill them in on what your business can do for them, and direct them to the products you'd like them to see.

This service doesn't cost you anything. It's funded by the people who want the information.


  • Reach customers at the moment they're thinking about your products
  • Find out not only what product is popular, but when it's popular
  • Keywords point to webpages on your web site
  • Can track multiple keywords per web page, allowing advanced metrics
  • Multiple users per account, so that everyone in your office can access your keywords
  • Keywords can be modified in the field via laptops or smart phones
  • No limit on the number of keywords you can have with us
  • More opportunities to reach new customers
  • No sign-up fee and no fee per keyword (or even per use of a keyword)
  • Keywords automatically expire after 2 months of non-use

We're a young company, which means we're flexible and interested in partnering with you. If you have a special requirement other providers can't match, contact us and see if we can't do better.